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Thank you for coming to the webinar to learn how to use the IBOtoolbox platform. This webinar is specifically organized to provide members with instruction on how to utilize IBOtoolbox efficiently. By simply using this platform to promote your business, you will see short term as well as long term results from your efforts.

Because of the massive member base, we need to enforce a couple of rules for the webinar as well as give out some simple instructions for using the webinar system.

#1 Click this link {REGISTER FOR WEBINAR} to register for the webinar.
#2 After you register, an email will be sent from GotoWebinar with your personalized entry link.
#3 When entering before the training starts you will see a very active chat window, Go ahead and say hello, and let us know where you are participating from! Its all about networking on IBOtoolbox!
#1 NO posting of links in the open chatroom. If we allowed this, it would be chaos.
#2 NO posting of credit codes outside this webinar. We give these codes to members who take the time to come and learn about IBOtoolbox.
#3 Be courteous and appreciative to the trainers, they are NOT IBOtoolbox employees and are not compensated for doing these events.
#4 Be professional. You never know who is looking at you. Your next enrollee could be here on this webinar.
#5 Be helpful, if a fellow member if asking how to do something, lend a hand. Its the IBO way!
#6 Go to the IBOwall and other social networks and invite them to join in. The information given on these webinars is priceless to those who are in business.
#1 If you lose audio, screen is not syncronized with trainer, or seems to be locked... Simply refresh your webinar page and re-enter
#2 If the trainer loses connection to the webinar, there might be a slight delay while they reconnect. Simply wait and the trainer will resume in a few moments.
The trainer will issue credit codes for attending towards the end of the webinar. The trainer will display on screen the code and they will also tell you the code. Once the code has been given, simply click Credit Center inside IBOtoolbox, then scroll down to redeem credit coupon. Enter the code and click redeem!
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Don't forget about the other IBO systems! They are all here for you to use!